About Tresor’s

About Tresor’s Food

Tresor’s Food is an online retail One-Stop for fresh sea and poultry foods in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Tresor’s Foods is established to provide affordable and quality products; neatly packed fresh foods with excellent service delivery to customers across.

Health is wealth! We care for the health of all our customers by providing healthy sea and poultry foods; freshly prepared from the farm (No preservatives). Tresor’s Foods also provide convenient shopping for all our customers. We bridge the gap between the market and customers by providing a flexible delivery system for every Online order.


How soon can I get my order delivered?

Our online orders are delivered in 2 rounds.

Mid-Day Delivery (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

Evening Delivery  (4:00 PM   – 6:00 PM)

Mid-Day Deliveries covers orders made before 11:00 AM while evening delivery covers orders made before 6:00 PM.

Are the products organic?

The health of our customers is our major concern. Tresor’s Foods is a pro-organic company; our products are directly sourced from the farm. We ensure a high level of freshness is maintained during transportation with Zero preservatives.

Can I buy in Bulk?

For all your bulk purchases, kindly reach us on 0701-220-2200 or email us at bulkpurchase@tresorsfoods.com for more information.

Are prices online similar to the physical store price?

There is no price differential for our online store and physical outlet. However Online orders attract a delivery fee which varies on the delivery location. The minimum delivery amount is N500.

How secure are the online transactions?

Our site is trustworthy. Every online transaction goes through a secured payment channel. We ensure your personal information is protected, run regular security check and have a zero tolerance to fraudulent transactions. Our payment channel is secured with no card disputes.